What to Expect on Auction Day

Ranchline will be with you every step of the way.

Exciting Atmosphere
No other sales method can duplicate the excitement associated with auctions. The electricity in the atmosphere breeds that excitement and increases the competitive nature of bidders.

Bidder Confidence
One of the greatest determining factors of a successful auction and a not so successful auction is the confidence of the bidders about what they are buying. At Ranchline, our marketing campaigns provide all the necessary research and materials so that bidders will have access to any information they need to bid with confidence.

Seller Confidence
On auction day, our sellers always appreciate our detailed preparations for three main reasons: the event is well attended by serious bidders, bidders are conversant and knowledgeable about the property, and our auctions are always exciting but dignified events. Our sellers appreciate how easy we make the process for them by preparing all contracts, always having a Notary Public and a closing attorney present, and always having knowledgeable staff on hand to address any last minute questions. Additionally, our closing process and attention to detail helps make the closing smooth and trouble free for the seller.

Competitive Bidding
Competitive bidding is what makes auctions work. Bidders are placed in a comfortable, yet competitive environment where they must compete against one another. The psychological effect of this cannot be found in any other sales method.

Off-site Bidding
As a result of the extensive marketing campaign that will have been implemented in the days and weeks prior to auction day, bids from literally all over the world will be coming in via the Internet through Ranchline's live auction, as well as over the telephone.