Auction vs. Other Methods

One goal, one targeted approach:  to sell your property!

Maximum Property Exposure
Our marketing team at Ranchline will implement an aggressive marketing campaign tailored to your property. Many sellers complain that with other real estate sales, their property is lost among the many properties being advertised. Additionally, other sales methods keep advertising as minimal as possible and rely heavily on multiple listing services. In an auction, we force the market to focus solely on your property.

No Limit to Upside Potential
Auctions are the best method for obtaining true market value. The aggressive marketing and competitive bidding creates an environment where there is no limit on the final sale price. With traditional real estate sales, the upside potential is limited to the asking price. Auctions also eliminate the confusion associated with setting the right asking price. In traditional sales, sellers risk overpricing and seeing very little interest;  they risk underpricing and selling a property for much less than it is worth.

Timely Reaction of Buyers
Auctions force buyers to make a decision. They know the date of the auction is the last chance they will have to buy your property. There is never that kind of buyer motivation with traditional sales. You must wait until a buyer decides to make a decision.

No Contingencies Or Negotiations
At auction, every property is sold "As Is, Where Is." This eliminates any contingencies in the contract. Also, the terms and conditions of an auction are present and are non-negotiable. With traditional real estate sales, all aspects of the sale must be negotiated before a contract is signed.